You can take classes Online or at our Studio in San Diego. All instructor-led courses are taught by Senior Industry Art Directors, Copywriters, Strategists, and Designers who work at agencies and studios across the US. You'll work one-on-one with them to create projects and build your portfolio. 

  • 4-week and 8-week Courses plus Special Bootcamps
  • Taught by Senior Level Industry Working Professionals - Meet every week in person or online via video conference
  • Feedback is provided on your work
  • Manage your learning on a schedule that works for you
  • Online 6:1 and On Campus 12:1 Student to Teacher Ratios for personalized attention

GET FEEDBACK ON YOUR WORK, Even If You're online

As an online student, you'll meet with your instructor at a weekly video-conference where you'll receive critique and feedback on your work. You might also see a live demonstration, participate in a Q & A session, or meet an invited industry guest. 

All students work with a customized learning system that allows for easy communication and detailed critiques. Instructors can mark-up your work and can even give you video or audio feedback to help you improve.  

Want to read a course syllabus or get more information about an instructor or course? You can. 


You may be working from the comfort of home, but that doesn't mean you can't collaborate with your peers. Our courses allow student creatives, (like aspiring copywriters and art directors or designers), to team up for a better experience and better work, even when working remotely. Each course includes a discussion and a gallery area to exchange ideas, post work, and collaborate. 

technology info

In order to experience our online courses to the fullest you'll need: 

  •  A computer. Laptop, desktop, or tablet. A web cam is needed for video conferencing with your instructor or other industry guest speakers (although your phone may work as well). Our online portal is fully responsive and so you can check in with your phone even when you're out and about. 
  • An internet service provider. Our courses are on the cloud. Some classes may have downloadable materials and so faster speeds will make the download quicker. 
  • Chrome is the recommended browser but our courses run on Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer too. 
  • Some classes require software from Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and Adobe Reader (for PDF files). Classes may have specific additional requirements - the need to scan or photograph your work or other hardware, for example. All requirements are listed on the first page of each course, so please read the descriptions carefully.